Data.FIDA System: a tool at the service of rural development

Data.FIDA is a data geoprocessing system, developed by Programa Semear Internacional, which monitors and evaluates the results of projects supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development – ​​IFAD, in Brazil and Africa.

With the tool, it is possible to have reliable and consistent observation data that contribute to better management, monitoring and evaluation of these rural projects. And everything is unified in one place, ensuring practicality, transparency and speed in accessing information. The integration of this data in its various areas within the projects makes the activities of the work groups to be shared and added together, that is, the project works as a team within the system and also reaps the results as a team. This is without counting the generation of reports and the availability of documents, which are essential for the memory of projects.

Data.FIDA improves not only management conditions, but also decision-making, directly contributing to the achievement of project objectives and the deepening of their impacts on local communities. Learn a little about the Data.FIDA System features in this video, also developed by Semear Internacional.