Agroecological Logbooks – step by step

Continuing the process of implementing Agroecological Logbooks in the semiarid region of Brazil, as a tool for the empowerment of rural women, the Semear Internacional Program launches a video that will support all stages of training for the use of this important instrument.

With such audiovisual support, the actors involved in the execution of the Logbooks, whether managers, community leaders, technicians or the farmers themselves, will be able to have access to simple, easy, playful and very didactic information. Thus, the video will support meetings, seminars, workshops, exchanges and all the pedagogical part of this process, ensuring that women find it even easier to use the Logbook.

The purpose of the animation, therefore, is to serve as another facilitator in the dissemination of the Logbooks among the projects supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development – ​​IFAD and other institutions that also work with the tool.

Being a step-by-step in both the implementation of Agroecological Logbooks and their use, the video also serves as a fundamental aid to the Methodological Guide, both for projects that already use it and for those that will use it.