Agroecological Logbooks – main results

The video presents the main results of using the Agroecological Logbook methodology in projects supported by IFAD in Brazil, with the support of the Semear Internacional Program. Through animation, it is possible to have a sample of the dense economic contribution of female farmers to the family income, throwing light on what was in the shadows and contributing to female empowerment and gender equity.

The data correspond to the period from August 2019 to February 2020, when 879 rural women from the semiarid region used the tool. Among the highlighted information is that which indicates that women farmers produced R$ 1.4 million during the period analyzed, with 41% of this total corresponding to non-monetary socioeconomic relations. The average monthly amount generated by each rural woman is R$350.00.

Another notable piece of information is related to the diversity of cultivated products: 1,228 agroecological items of plant and animal origin were registered, which are capable of guaranteeing food and nutritional security for rural families. These and other data sets show that women farmers are the protagonists of intense economic processes, which are disregarded by classical economics.