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Semear International Program: Strategies, Good Practices and Lessons Learned

This document presents the systematization of the Good Practices in Knowledge Management, the Strategies adopted and a set of reflections on the implementation of the Semear Internacional Program (PSI).

In the interaction of the program with projects supported by IFAD in Brazil, we notice Knowledge Management (KM) in training, workshops, exchanges, institutional articulations, studies and publications, strengthening local government technicians and techniques, promoting gender equality, changing the lives of farmers and family farmers, women, youth, traditional and indigenous communities in the semi-arid region in northeastern Brazil, Latin America and Africa.

The structure of this publication, which brings KM concepts and practices that, to some extent, have integrated strategies adopted by the PSI and developed the process, thus consolidating good practices. We also present approaches, relevant knowledge and aspects that allow the creation of favorable environments for KM processes: technologies, governance and relations with different players.

Next, we present good practices designed and implemented in a partnership with projects supported by IFAD that have added value to local knowledge and have helped players and knowledge networks already present in the territories, selected with the aim of inspiring their application in other contexts. To broaden reflections on the knowledge produced, we highlight the Sustainability Strategy guidelines and the lessons learned throughout the process.

We hope this content inspire managers to develop Knowledge Management (KM) programs or sectors, to structure their flows (creation, application, transfer and retention) and to create opportunities for people, organizations and territories to become protagonists of the Knowledge Economy.