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Innovative Practices in Rural Gender Transformation

This International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) publication showcases a few best practices in rural development led by rural women in Brazil and Uruguay, which have led to transformative and long-lasting results, even strengthening local public policies and economic growth. Using the latest resources in agroecological and inclusive production methods, and assisted by IFAD-supported projects, these women have become models in their communities and beyond. Empowered women are able to participate more actively in their communities and encourage inclusive local policies that further drive rural development.

IFAD is committed to continuing to promote gender empowerment and inclusion across its portfolio of projects. These best practices in women-led projects in Latin America not only contribute to higher levels of child nutrition and family earnings; they also directly contribute to families’ wellbeing, as women are more likely than men to spend their income on food and education. During a time when we see regressive effects on gender equality, it is paramount to continue investing in projects that are gender-sensitive. What is good for gender equality is good for society and the economy.