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Good Practices in the combat of climate change with a focus on the South-South Cooperation

The increasing conversion of natural environments into areas occupied by human activities is a global reality. Over time, this has triggered pollution, habitat fragmentation and species loss on a scale never seen before. As a result, environmental degradation has become one of the main problems to be faced in the daily lives of people and organizations.

Aware of these challenges, the Programa Semear Internacional made efforts to identify and systematize good practices in the area of ​​resilience and combating climate change among projects financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development — IFAD. To contextualize the experiences that formed the basis of this study, it is essential to highlight the advances and changes in the reality of family farmers, activities that are present in more than 900 municipalities where IFAD operates in the semi-arid region of Brazil and other countries in the South-South axis.

The objectives of this systematization involve taking advantage of such opportunities with experiences, aiming at the development of rural American territories, points of progress, spaces that generate wealth and sources of natural resources, ancestral knowledge and decent employment to act together with the dimensions of resilience and adaptation to change the climate, the sustainable prosperity that agriculture can offer rural territories and the fight against the causes of poverty and social exclusion, gender, youth, native peoples and quilombolas.