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Evaluation of the results of projects supported by FIDA in Brazil

The evaluation carried out, presented in this report, constituted an initiative to survey the results of IFAD projects in Brazil, from social actors directly involved in the management and implementation of these projects. This approach allowed to bring to light results in dialogue with the experiences lived by such actors in the communities served by the projects. The evaluation structure gathered information on general aspects of the different projects, namely: Served Public, Technical Assistance/Assistance and Rural Extension (ATER), Public Policies, Productive Investment Plans (PIPs), Assets, Family Income, Food Security, Social Organization.

The field research to gather the information was carried out in person, in April 2020, in two projects: Viva o Semiárido and Dom Helder Câmara 2. In the others, PROCASE, Paulo Freire, Dom Távora and Pró-Semiárido, in function of the travel limitations due to the pandemic situation, the information was obtained remotely, between the months of December 2020 and March 2021. In one way and another, the collection of information occurred through individual interview scripts or collective, with three categories of social actors: Managers linked to Project Management Units (UGPs), Technical Mediators of ATER providers and Community Leaders.

The report is organized in different sections for the six projects and structured according to the themes Public Reached, Public Policies, ATER, Activities/Productive Chains. These topics are related to other themes according to the particularities of each project. At the end of each section, there is a summary table with the main results achieved, and some unified considerations about the set of IFAD projects in Brazil are made in the conclusions.