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Collection and Systematization of Economic Outcomes at Household Level

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), in partnership with state governments in the Northeast and with the Federal Government, has a portfolio of rural development projects that today has a framework of six running funding projects. Advancing in its execution, IFAD projects in Brazil collected some information regarding the impacts of their actions, mostly related to the analysis of the beneficiary public and financial execution of the actions and business plans. Parallel to this work, IFAD proposed a change regarding the collection of these data, showing the need for specific focus on the economic and financial information of the families and beneficiary communities. To assist the projects in this initiative and promote a better systematization and understanding of these data, the Semear Internacional Program aims to promote the development of a unique methodology for data collection and systematization of economic data, ideally based on a logical model, easy to communicate and reproduce.

It was with this interest in mind that the “Workshop for Presentation of Methodologies for Collection and Systematization of Economic Results of IFAD Projects in Brazil”. In this opportunity, a collection and systematization exercise of partial results was presented, conducted by the consultant Leandro Bullor. We have gathered the main information of this presentation and elaborated this manual, aiming to facilitate the application of this exercise to the reality of IFAD projects in Brazil, but also aiming at the replication of knowledge about monitoring systems and evaluation within a broader spectrum.